2016 BMW M2 to debut at Frankfurt motor show

2016 BMW M2

The 2016 BMW M2 is set to begin production in November 2015 for the European and UK market, and March 2016 for US and rest of the world.

BMW is set to reveal the 2016 BMW M2 September, 17th 2015 at the IAA Frankfurt Motor show.

2016 BMW M2’s unveiling is scheduled to shadow the unveiling of the 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 S with 400 hp as both cars will have their public debut at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor show which starts September 17th and ends September 27th 2015.

2016 BMW M2 is a direct successor to BMW 1M, and will be available with both a six speed manual transmission or a seven speed dual-clutch transmission similar to the one found in BMW M3/M4.

BMW M - 2016 BMW M2

BMW M2 artist rendering

BMW’s internal model code for the 2016 BMW M2 is F87 and just like the BMW 1M, the M2 has an internal nickname of “Pyrat 2”, following upon the BMW 1M’s nickname of “Pyrat”.

BMW 1M was named Pyrat after the Pyrat Rum because it is the favorite drink of the main engineer working on the 1M and also the fact that Pyrat sounds like Pirate, very fitting the BMW 1M and the 2016 BMW M2 as they both took parts from the BMW M3 bin.

2016 BMW M2 will be powered by the twin turbo N55 inline 6 engine N55B30O0 which also powers the BMW M235i which will soon be renamed to M240i.

2016 BMW M2 will be available for European Delivery as it will be built in Leipzig, Germany and orders will open by end of the year.

2016 BMW M2 price will start at around $53,000 with the manual transmission and fully optioned out to $65,000.

Unlike the BMW 1M the new BMW M2 will not see limited production numbers, and just like the 1M, the M2 will only be available as a coupe.

BMW M - 2016 BMW M2

Two BMW M2 racing in the Nurburgring track

BMW’s new M2 will be a true M car, and with its 370 hp and 355 lb-ft of torque and standard LSD coupled with a manual transmission it’s sure to win back many BMW M buyers who have left the brand due to it’s recent unfavorable changes such as lack of steering feel, and softer suspension settings.

Source: automobilemag.com

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