BMW M recap M2, M4 GTS and M3 Touring


BMW M2 artist rendering

BMW’s performance arm BMW M has been busy preparing new products in the form of the BMW M2 and a lighter, more powerful and faster BMW M4 named M4 GTS.

The upcoming 2016 BMW M2 F87 has been spied testing in the famed Nurburgring track.

BMW M chose a workhorse of an engine as the new BMW M2 will be powered by an updated N55 turbo straight six with 370 hp and 355 lb-ft of torque.


BMW M2 Spy shot

BMW M has coupled the BMW M2’s engine with an overboost similar to the one found in the BMW 1M which will add 25-30 lb-ft of torque.


BMW M2 spy shot

BMW M2 will borrow the mechanical limited slip differential and suspension from its bigger brother the BMW M3/M4. We’re convinced BMW M is going to intentionally hold the BMW M2 back so that BMW M4 sales aren’t threatened and that’s the result of supplying a car to every segment. The new BMW M2 is expected to go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds with RWD.

BMW M is also working on a lighter, wider, faster and more powerful version of the BMW M4 called M4 GTS



The new BMW M4 GTS is expected to be 200 lbs lighter than the standard M4 coupe.



Just like the E92 M3 GTS, BMW M is working to ensure that the F32 M4 GTS is nothing short of a street legal race car with minimal aggressive suspension, huge carbon fiber rear spoiler, front active aerodynamics and wider and larger wheels.

The new BMW M4 GTS is to debut in August.

The new M4 GTS exhaust note also sounds much better than the standard M4. Don’t take our word for it, Hear it for yourself:


BMW M3 touring artist rendering

In another news, Carsten Pries, the Head of BMW M Product Management has stated that the BMW M3 Touring aka wagon is just a rumor and BMW is not planning such car.

It is considered a niche product for the European market, and due to lack of demand in BMW M’s largest market the USA it is very unlikely for it to happen.

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