First DDR Motorsport GT Customer Kit Car

  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car
    First completed customer car DDR Motorsport Miami GT4 kit car
  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car-side
    DDR Motorsport Miami GT4
  • 1992-Toyota-MR2-Turbo
    1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo donor car
  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car-1
    UK's first DDR Motorsport Miami GT4
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    DDR Motorsport Miami GT4
  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car-doors
    DDR Motorsport Miami GT4
  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car-front
    DDR Motorsport Miami GT4
  • DDR-Motorsport-Miami-GT4-Kit-Car-rear
    DDR Motorsport Miami GT4

First DDR Motorsport GT customer car has been completed in England by its owner James (he wants to be a Ferret), and it looks amazing.

At first glance, you’d be excused if you mistake James’ DDR Motorsport Miami GT4 for a McLaren F1 GTR as it resembles the iconic British sports car.

The DDR is a sports car manufactured by DDR Motorsport Miami Inc. in Miami, FL, US. The design is mid-engined, rear wheel drive with a tubular chassis and fiberglass body.

James started his DDR Motorsport Miami GT4 build in 2013 and has very recently finished the project, however as you browse through his blog you will notice a great deal of preparation has gone into this successful Kit Car.

DDR Motorsport Miami GT4

DDR Motorsport Miami GT4

James’ DDR Motorsport Miami GT Kit Car videos show rolling chassis, walk around before the paint job and the near finished McLaren F1 inspired replica.

James’ DDR Motorsport Miami GT4 weighs a hair over 2,000 lbs and thanks to its 300bhp can achieve a stunning 4.2 seconds 0-60. James has told us that his current car can be upgraded to a V6 which would afford his handbuilt British-American supercar more power and speed.

He has been driving the car reliably for a while now, and we can only guess that he will continue to refine this amazing supercar.

If you fancy yourself a DDR Motorsport kit car similar to James’ Miami GT4, then here’s a snippet from their website.

What you get.
Parts Offered with the DDR GT4 Kit (1989-1996 SW20 MR2 Kit)
Complete Mig welded tubular chassis with interior cockpit aluminum panels
Hand laid DDR fiberglass body unpainted
Front windscreen
Side and rear lexan glass
Projector head lamp assemblies
Rear, front and side turn signals, rear stop and reverse lights
Custom fuel tank and associated hardware
Coolant system parts
Radiator catch can
Center console
All brake lines and fittings
Chassis electrical wiring harness
Bolts, nuts and washers package

What you need?
Complete engine with exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe, transmission, axles, shifter linkage, computer and wiring harness from the MR-2 donor car
Front and rear brake rotors, calipers and hubs
2” aluminum spacers w/ nuts
Seat belts
Complete rack and pinion steering with column and steering wheel with controls
Complete radiator assembly with fans and shroud
Wilwood clutch, brake and gas pedal assembly with cylinders
Wheels and tires
Wiper motor and components
1992-2002 Mazda RX-7 door rear view mirror
Optional Upgrade Available

Optional right hand drive cockpit layout for the UK or other RHD markets.

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For updates on James’ car, you can follow him on Twitter:

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